Day 15: Dada 3

Dada 3 Ink, watercolour. 35.5 x 51 cm

Day 14: Gan-Q

Gan-Q Ink (wide brush and toothbrush on watercolour paper). 35.5 x 51 cm

Day 13: Darkura

Darkura Ink, watercolour.

Day 12: Pigmon 2

Pigmon 2 Acrylic, ink transfer on panel. 46 x 38 cm I’m trying to create effects in traditional media that are very easy to create in digital media. It’s quite a challenge, and I’m really enjoying the hands-on experience.

Day 11: Buska

Buska Pixel art, done in Photoshop. I’ve always wanted to try pixel art. It takes a long time, and a lot of clicks. My shoulder is so tight right now.

Day 10: Dada 2

Dada Ink, gouache on board.

Day 09: Baltan Seijin

Baltan Seijin Ink and gouache on board.

Day08: Getta Robo

Getta Robo Ink, gouache on board.

Day 07: 12 Kaiju

12 Kaiju Marker, watercolour.

Day 06: T-28

T-28 Ink on watercolour paper.

Day 05: Red King 2

Red King 2 Ink, pencil.

Day 04: Pigmon

Pigman Acrylic and ink on wood.

Day 03: Supina-Chi

Supina-Chi comes in the night. Ink, pencil.

Day 02: Red King

Day 02: Red King Gouache on brown paper. Roller, sponge, toothbrush, hand-cut stencil, pen.

Day 01: Dada

Day 01: Dada Gouache on Bristol board. Roller, sponge, toothbrush, bottle cap, hand-cut stencil.