Example 009: Texture for Mood

Here’s a simple illustration made with paths and rough brushes.

Example 008: Textures As Masks

Here’s a bold text-based illustration using some of the wood from Texture 066 to mask in solid layers of cyan and magenta.

Example 007: Double Exposure

Double exposures through portraits.

Example 006: Photoshop Brushes

These Photoshop brushes are made from samples of Ink #127.

Tutorial 005

Using Textures as Layer Masks in Photoshop

Tutorial 004

Displacement Filter in Photoshop

Example 002

This example uses Ink 029. Two Photoshop layers of colour painted with a large airbrush. Brushstroke inks pasted into layer masks and inverted. Top layer set to Hard Light blend mode.

Ink 029

straight, horizontal and vertical watercolour brushstrokes

Tutorial 002

How to colourize inks using Photoshop.