Ink 142: Set of 3

dot pattern printed from large bubble wrap

similar to Ink 105

3492 x 2420- 4.4 Mb
1 of 3

3492 x 2420- 4.4 Mb
2 of 3

3492 x 2420- 4.4 Mb
3 of 3



2 Responses to “Ink 142: Set of 3”

  1. Su Hall says:

    Awesome! I likes! I tried to make some of these from an image of bubble wrap. They sure didn’t turn out this nice! They were kind of skimpy in detail.
    Thank you for these!


  2. IATadmin says:

    You are very welcome, Su! They key (for us) was using thick Speedball block printing ink and applying it with a roller. We love the wrinkles!

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