Ink 171: Set of 5

dry, rough, wrinkled lines

2692 x 1876 – 4.1 Mb
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2692 x 1876 – 3.7 Mb
2 of 5

2692 x 1876 – 3.5 Mb
3 of 5

2692 x 1876 – 3.1 Mb
4 of 5

2692 x 1876 – 3.9 Mb
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2 Responses to “Ink 171: Set of 5”

  1. Su Hall says:

    Interesting textures! I have a question. How would a texture like this fare as a displacement mask? I don’t have very good luck with maps to begin with. I guess I need to dig in to it and see what it is I am doing wrong. These would look awesome with some text or an image, texture showing through!

    Thank you kindly!


    • IATadmin says:

      Hi Su,
      This kind of ink could work as a displacement map if you’re looking for subtle wrinkles. Since displacement maps work best if they contain a large range of greys from black to white, we recommend increasing the contrast and blurring it a bit before using it. You can see a very clear walk-through of using a texture as a displacement map in our Tutorials section:
      Let us know if you have any questions about any of the steps. We’re glad to help.

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