Ink 186: Set of 3

wet, dripping lines of layered paint

3336 x 2528 – 5.5 Mb
1 of 3

3336 x 2528 – 5.5 Mb
2 of 3

3336 x 2528 – 5.3 Mb
3 of 3



2 Responses to “Ink 186: Set of 3”

  1. Su Hall says:

    Fabulous! I did a project recently where I used drips with roots. It turned out nice! I could have used these. I will with the next piece as I am kinda exploring my own brand of impressionism. LOL
    Thank you for keeping me inspired and for the great textures!


  2. IATadmin says:

    Glad you like these as much as we do, Su. They are a nice mix of accident and design.

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