Ink 202: Set of 3

splashed, sprayed wet brush layers

4677 x 3402 – 8.1 Mb
1 of 3

4677 x 3402 – 7.8 Mb
2 of 3

4677 x 3402 – 7.2 Mb
3 of 3



3 Responses to “Ink 202: Set of 3”

  1. Su Hall says:

    These are wonderful! LOL Thank you!

  2. Brian says:

    All the textures on this site are absolutely great. Thank you so much for providing these. Also, FYI, on this page the top texture link points to the wrong hi-res download. Thanks again!

    • IATadmin says:

      Very glad you are enjoying the inks and textures, Brian. Thank you for letting us know about the mixed-up links. They have been fixed.

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