Ink 223

wet brushy landscape

3790 x 1914 – 4.0 Mb



3 Responses to “Ink 223”

  1. Su Hall says:

    ‘Tis nice! One can build off of it! Thank you!

    • IATadmin says:

      We try not to make the inks “look like” anything, but this one just kept saying “landscape”, so we went with it.

  2. Su Hall says:

    It’s true! They do ‘talk’ to you! Something I will see will have an impact on me in a certain way and it sticks! I know the image is interpreted differently by different people, or mostly. But, some things, mainly in my first reaction, or what they really are made from or an idea that popped into my head while viewing, will give me a connection to it.
    I saw some stock, earlier, I forgot where, but, it was a child’s painting of a sun, the grass and a house. You know the one every child ever did! Well, girls, at least. It ‘could’ be used for someone’s art, but, really?

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