Texture 109: Set of 9

set of 9 rough, dirty, flaking painted plywood with staples

Ink 100: Set of 4

set of 4 dry wood grain imprints

Texture 066: Set of 4

stacks of rough, raw, cracked wood pieces
set of 4

Texture 062: Set of 3

thick, cracked tree bark
set of 3

Texture 061

old, stained chip board with staples

Texture 052: Set of 8

old, dry, grainy, rough, stained wood planks
set of 8

Texture 050: Set of 8

old cracked, stained, flaking, painted wood
set of 8

Texture 029

dirty, flaking, grungy, worn blue plywood

Texture 027: Set of 4

old, rough, bark, wood, bamboo fences
set of 4

Texture 023

weathered, stained, spotted, blotchy, old, wood panel

Texture 017

knotted, grainy wooden fence with nails

Texture 016

peeling, dry, cracked, rough, grungy, flaking, curling, yellow, bleached wood

Ink 007

huge, dry, single brush-stroke with texture like wood-grain

Texture 003

light red-brown wood with clearly defined grain