4 Digital Sketches: Café

Here are four more sketches done on our tablet in the Boulevard Café. I’m getting to know SketchBook Pro a little more since my first try.

Because my fingertip is much larger than the contact point I often end up trying to try to control the brush too much, and the result is that the drawing ends up too “tight”. I have to learn to let the vagaries of the tool contribute to the life of the work, just as I would with a pencil or any other tool whose vagaries are a little more familiar.

There’s a new pressure-sensitive stylus that is due to be released soon: the maXStylus by Atmel. It looks quite promising and is specifically designed for Android tablets. I’m looking forward to trying one.

Two layers of colour fill contributed to a bit of a water-colour effect that I’d like to explore more.

Click through to see three more sketches.

An example of getting too tight.

I like the texture of this brush quite a bit. It adds nice life to the line.

This one was a quick, warm-up sketch that I ended up liking. I wasn’t always in control of the line thickness (that chair) but the reduction of detail receding in space pleased me. The poor guy in the background looks so sad.

One Comment on “4 Digital Sketches: Café

  1.  by  Tim Gerwing

    Great job on these. Nice to see the learning taking place from sketch to sketch. That watercolour effect is really nice – great use of light and shadow there.

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