Commission: Poirot Poster

I wish there were more clients like my most recent one.

She has a collection of commissioned posters based on iconic images and characters from film and television, and was looking to add one of Hercule Poirot as played by David Suchet.

She understood and appreciated all the references and design cues in our posters for the Metro Theatre.

She had some clear ideas about what she wanted (this moustache, not that one, a cane, a hat, some negative space and sans serif), but was open to an interpretation of the character.

We had some great back-and-forth about Poirot; how he comes to life within the narrative and how his iconic image carries so strongly outside the books and films.

The piece came together quickly, especially after the client suggested watching an episode of the recent series from ITV: “After The Funeral“.

Early sketch and vector proof-of-concept.

The final poster.

I made the background with wet ink on a polypropylene support made by Yupo and combined it with vector shapes and some careful masking and softening in Photoshop.

Aya’s decorative elements add a welcome lively touch.

The colours generate an Art Deco gas-light ambiance, while Poirot, represented by his essential elements, retreats into (emerges from?) the mysterious fog.

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