First Sketch on New Tablet

I had a decent cappucino and tried drawing on our new Asus Transformer Prime tablet at the Boulevard Café on UBC campus.

The drawing application is Sketchbook Pro by Autodesk which is available for Android devices for only about C$5.

It’s quite a challenge to draw with my fingers instead of a stylus or other tool, but Sketchbook Pro makes it pretty easy with lots of ways to quickly zoom and move the canvas around. I tried two markers, one fine and one thick,  set to about 80% opacity and another softer brush for the colouring.

Had a bit of a scare when opening the file when we got home and found the layer with the lines was missing! Closing (without saving) and re-opening through the Gallery recovered the file properly, but it was disheartening for a few minutes. The application exports as a PSD with layers, which is an excellent option.

Looking forward to trying out more of the brushes and blending some colours. I would still prefer a stylus, though, with pressure sensitivity.

4 Comments on “First Sketch on New Tablet

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  2.  by  funshark

    Nice sketch!
    Have you tried some stylus since then?
    I have the same tablet and tried the wacom stylus > the lines are jagged on sketchbook pro with the stylus :((
    I’m on my way to try to find a good stylus…

    •  by  KeithAdmin

      Thanks Funshark!
      Still no luck with a stylus. I’m waiting for the maXStylus from Atmel, which they say is designed specifically for the tablet I have.
      I’m surprised you could get the Wacom stylus working at all! I can’t get my Intuos or Intuos 3 stylus to even register.
      Let me know what you end up with and how it works. Great paintings and drawings on your site, btw!

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