Heavy Skies at Robert Lynds Gallery from February 20th

I’m very happy to announce that three of my Heavy Skies pieces have been selected by guest curator Michael Schwartz to show at Robert Lynds Gallery in Vancouver.

Heavy Skies 03: Lifted Condensation Limit
Heavy Skies 04: The Way Bricks Don’t, Too
Heavy Skies 06: The Way Bricks Don’t

Robert Lynds Gallery is at 1639 West 3rd Avenue, just west of Granville Street, between Pine and Fir.
Tuesday – Friday 10am to 6pm
Saturday 11am to 5pm

There will be a small opening event tonight, Thursday, February 20, from 6pm.

I’ll be there with an enormous grin on my face.

Click through to see more photos of the installation and the gallery.

Robert Lynds taking his first look at my work.

Robert and Michael had the great idea to liberate the artwork from their frames and float them on the wall.

Installing the rest of the show, with my three pieces in the left front window.

2 Comments on “Heavy Skies at Robert Lynds Gallery from February 20th

  1.  by  Robin Campbell

    Congratulations Keith.

    Once again, your work truly stands out in the gallery. So much integrity in the creativity and vice versa. Wonderful to see!

    – Robin

    •  by  Keith

      Many thanks, Rob! It was great to have you at the opening night event. Your support means a lot.

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