Kaiju: Photobook Work In Progress

I have been editing and compiling my Kaiju pieces into one collection, and have just sent them off to be published in a photo-book .

I’m using the software supplied by Photobook Canada which we used for our Thirty Days Project books.

There are almost 100 pages in the Kaiju book after editing it down. It feels great to get this collection done and I can’t wait to see the book in a few weeks.

It would be amazing to have this kind of thing done for real some day and to be able to offer them for sale on this website.

Click through to see two more screen captures of the work in progress.

I included a lot of the pieces I did for Thirty Days Project, 2011, which were all done with traditional media (no digital).

While going through the older work, I kept getting inspired to adjust, edit and add to some pieces. Sometimes this lead to new ideas and I had to work those out as well.

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