Lady Macbeth

Malcolm: …this dead butcher and his fiend-like queen who as ’tis thought by self and violent hands took off her life…

While working on the previous Macbeth poster, I remembered that he is not the only one in that play who descends into madness; his wife, Lady Macbeth, hallucinates that she is unable to clean her guilty hands.

I picture her wandering dark castle halls, her horror growing as the moonlight reveals her just-washed hands are still stained with Duncan’s blood.

Aya suggested edging the arms with lace which changes the point of view, putting us into Lady Macbeth’s place looking at her bloody hands through her terrified eyes.

It would be very interesting to promote a well-known play using an image centered on someone other than the title character.

I did not intend to start a Shakespeare theme, but now that one has begun (if two in a row can be said to be a theme at all) it actually seems like a pretty good idea: a series of illustrations interpreting key moments from his plays.


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