Matsumoto Sketch

Sketch for a watercolour piece in the style of my Thirty Days work, 2010.

A family friend owns this building in Osaka and I took some reference photos on a recent visit.

Pencil, 21 x 30 cm

2 Comments on “Matsumoto Sketch

  1.  by  Sea

    Seems to be a very unique 45 degree orientation of the building in 90 degree street corner? I don’t remember ever seeing that anywhere. Looks like lots of ambiguous triangular empty spaces. Am I reading your drawing correctly?

    •  by  KeithAdmin

      It’s a 180-degree field, including the view to the left and the right of the central subject/building, much like a panorama photograph stitched together from many images.
      Later revisions with colour will perhaps clear up any triangular ambiguities.

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