Saalty Deer

The internet is such a funny place.

This evening, someone posted this request for a piece of work:

I just bought the domain and am looking for an image to display until I decide what to do with it. If anyone wants to make one I will put it up and link to your site.

Is anyone willing to draw an image of something pretty or cute, like a deer licking a salt cube?
The only thing on the website will be your image and a link to your own site if you have one, with a small message at the bottom mentioning that I don’t know what to do with the domain yet.
I don’t want rights to the image or anything like that. I just want something cute to put up for now so I thought I’d ask around on reddit.

I didn’t give much thought to the image he described, but posted some links to my Thirty Days Project 2011 and 2012, thinking he might find something “cute” in among the robots, monsters and Kyoto market pieces.

He did, and sent me a very nice note asking about the crabs I did on Day 30.

But while he was off looking at my work, I was suddenly struck by the idea of a cute little deer licking a salt-block ice-cream cone on a summer’s day:

I put this together very quickly and sent it off. He responded immediately and, maybe half an hour after I saw the first message, my piece is the holding image on

Fastest freelance job ever.

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