Making Block Prints With Polystyrene Foam

Using sheets of pink polystyrene foam insulation to create my block prints.

Studying Woodblock Printmaking in Osaka

We found a mokuhan-ga (woodblock printmaking) artist who teaches the traditional methods right in her Osaka studio, and I studied with her for two months this past spring. The techniques she taught me enabled me to complete my Heavy Skies print series, which is currently hanging at Kafka’s in Vancouver. Haruka-sensei applies paint to the […]

Printmaking: Further Tests

I’m still combining tools, materials and techniques, seeing the results with different subject matter.

Printmaking Experiments: Death Forgotten

The Japanese phrase “wasure-mono” translates directly as “forget-thing”, like an umbrella on a train, or a jellied quince in a hotel fridge in Izmir (long story). I don’t think we have an equivalent phrase in English. A memento mori encourages us to remember death. If you absentmindedly forgot death, perhaps just left it behind like […]

Printmaking Experiment: Kani (Crabs)

Elementary school teachers often guide their students through simple arts-and-crafts printmaking using supermarket meat trays: It is a little ironic that such a highly-technical, modern material as closed-cell Styrofoam can create such a warm, soft texture when rolled with ink. I thought it might be interesting to take it up a level and try a […]