Making Block Prints With Polystyrene Foam

Using a digital projector to trace the image onto sheets of pink polystyrene foam insulation.

(Click through to see the rest of the process.)

After tracing the image, I’ll use razor blades and hot tools to remove foam from areas that are to remain white.

When the carving is done, I use sandpaper to treat the surface of the foam. This gives the ink a very soft look when it transfers to the paper.

Carved, trimmed and inked up block, ready for printing.

Checking first test prints (proofs) for areas that need more attention.

Using a woodburning tool to melt down areas that are catching ink and making marks where I don’t want them.

Using a hot wire cutter to trim off large sections of the block.

Prints drying on every flat surface available.

One Comment on “Making Block Prints With Polystyrene Foam

  1.  by  Elizabeth Barry

    Wonderful! I enjoyed every photo and was delighted to be there for your opening night. I relished the pics of you using the tools to make the images. Thanks for this, Keith; I look forward to receiving ours, and showing them here.

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