Ink 234: Set of 5

soft rectangles

Ink 223


Ink 213: Set of 3

blotchy wrinkled sprays

Ink 211: Set of 4

blotchy, patterned spray

Ink 201: Set of 2

dry rolled rectangles

Ink 192: Set of 2

layered soft washes

Texture 168: Set of 2

set of 2: rectangular door frame panels

Ink 157

wet bleed with rough edges

Ink 130: Set of 2

set of 2: rolled, rough black shapes with great edges

Texture 083: Set of 7

torn, rough-edged, heavy brown cardboard
set of 7

Ink 039

solid rolled ink with rough edges and subtle texture

Ink 022

soft edged, bleeding, cloudy ink dot on heavy watercolour paper

Ink 017

thick, dry, ink roller with rough edges