Example 017: Linocut Text


The soft, cloudy texture of Ink 234 gives the appearance of traditional linocut printmaking.

We layered three of the rectangular shapes into a Photoshop document and hand-painted the text onto a Layer Mask.

This quote from Macbeth just seemed to match the dark, spooky atmosphere suggested by the texture.

A little colour tint to the dagger and around his head underlies the hallucination that becomes his undoing.



5 Responses to “Example 017: Linocut Text”

  1. Su Hall says:

    How awesome! Did you use fonts, or how did you do the texting? THAT is what makes it so cool! I have a Linocut set of Illustrator brushes I have yet to try! I should!
    Cool image!

    • IATadmin says:

      Thanks, Su! We improvised all the fonts free-hand, guided by the text and mood of the whole piece.
      Linocut brushes for Illustrator sound really cool. These textures would be a great starting point for experimenting with them!

  2. Matt says:

    Yeah, this looked pretty much like free hand job. Which is terrific, of course. Really great work, congratulations! It’d make a great poster.

  3. Su Hall says:

    Well, it is certainly neat looking! I’m impressed! It WOULD make a great poster!
    Thanks for the response!

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