Ink 236: Set of 6

sprayed ink rectangles on paper

3888 x 2592 7.9 Mb

1 of 6

3888 x 2592 7.4 Mb

2 of 6

3888 x 2592 7.2 Mb

3 of 6

3888 x 2592 7.9 Mb

4 of 6

3888 x 2592 7.0 Mb

5 of 6

3888 x 2592 7.0 Mb

6 of 6



3 Responses to “Ink 236: Set of 6”

  1. Matt says:

    Ahhh, these are strong. Perfect for real feel, organic grit instead of computer generated noise.

    Speaking of noise, there’s also a very nice scan of a real uniform film grain here: All you need to do is to apply it with Overlay mode, optionally scale and adjust opacity if needed. (Depending on RGB profile you work with you might also need to adjust levels/curves so that the average value is at 50% brightness so it doesn’t brighten or darken your image. For CMYK, you must create a copy that has the same amount of the noise in each channel, simple conversion won’t work.)

    • IATadmin says:

      There is really nothing like organic noise, is there?
      Thanks for the link to that beautiful film grain, and especially for laying out how to use it effectively!

  2. Su Hall says:

    Cool! Gradated noise! LOL I see possibilities already! Thank you!

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