Texture 224: Set of 3

muddy metal

Ink 200: Set of 4

layers of thin washes

Texture 197: Set of 6

paint over textured metal

Ink 185: Set of 4

coloured paint on rough plaster

Texture 165: Set of 7

set of 6: red mushrooms with white spots

Texture 152: Set of 7

set of 7: green, orange and red ivy leaves

Texture 123

bumpy fresh raspberries

Texture 092: Set of 10

set of 10 close-up red, orange and yellow maple leaves

Texture 091: Set of 4

4 sets of red and yellow maple leaves, with some damage and spots

Texture 087: Set of 9

9 red computer electronics circuit boards

Texture 049

rough, loose-weave deep red cotton fabric with white circle

Texture 008

grungy, red, green pock-marked concrete floor with circular scratches and worn-off paint