Texture 190: Set of 2

rough yellow metal

Texture 186: Set of 4

scraped coloured paint

Ink 185: Set of 4

coloured paint on rough plaster

Ink 184: Set of 5

layered dry coloured chalk

Texture 141

halftone pattern

Texture 110: Set of 6

set of 6 chipped, flaking rough layers of white and yellow paint

Texture 092: Set of 10

set of 10 close-up red, orange and yellow maple leaves

Texture 091: Set of 4

4 sets of red and yellow maple leaves, with some damage and spots

Texture 064: Set of 3

scratched, rusty black and yellow diagonal hazard lines
set of 3

Texture 019

rusty, stained, scratched, grungy, metal, black and yellow caution stripes