A piece that came to me in a 3am vision.

On the second-last night of my week at the Atlantic Center, a lot of experiences, impressions, understandings and ideas came together very late at night as a complete vision of this piece. Unable to sleep any more, I got up and followed the boardwalk through the trees to the studio and got to work.

Click through to see the finished piece (top image is only a detail).

For a few days I had been using a flat-edged block to apply paint. I liked the way it left stammering, skidding lines within the larger line as I was creating it.

The vision was a way to use these marks to build up line, shape and form in layers that would each reveal their own making, and their own unique rhythm, while maintaining coherent, similarly rhythmic relationships to the rest of the piece.


acrylic on heavy paper
50 x 70 cm

And it occurred to me that a luminous, translucent black (Bone Black) would let the lighting conditions add to the impression of the painting. These photos are the same painting, taken at different times of the day. I love way it expresses a very different character in each, like a piece of music being played by different people.

Blog-Blackline-02 Blog-Blackline-03 Blog-Blackline-04

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