Master Series Workshop Residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts

Recently I attended the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, for a week of directed individual study with arts educator Steve Aimone.

Some of the completed pieces are on display in the following image galleries:

Abstracts: Series 01
Abstracts: Series 02
Abstracts: Series 03

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A panorama including the beautiful gallery to the left and the outdoor amphitheatre. All the buildings are connected by boardwalks through the lush greenery.

ACA-Blog-02The director, Steve Aimone, consulting with another artist. He visited each student a couple of times a day to delve into their explorations with them and facilitate their progress. Aya and I had taken his week-long course in Abstract Expressionist Drawing back in November, 2012.

ACA-Blog-03I was assigned painting space in what is usually the dance studio.
With the whole room covered in layers of heavy paper, we were free to paint where and how we liked.

ACA-Blog-07Portable wall sections greatly increased the useable studio area. The warm air and natural light made ideal working conditions.
We had 24-hour access to the studios, and I was usually in there from about 5 am, stopping only for meals.

ACA-Blog-08My studio area after a week’s hard work.

Each artist had to present a “contract” outlining their plan for the week’s work. On the last day, we revisited that contract when we presented a selection of our pieces. It’s a very good way to get specific when you have such a great opportunity to work with concentration over many days.

2 Comments on “Master Series Workshop Residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts

  1.  by  Mary Beth Cornelius

    Keith: So good to see your work on this site. I was just giggling at the photo of you, Nancy, Steve, and myself at ACA. It looks like you are painting on Nancy’s paper and I have lost all hope down on my knees! We know what a great week it was!

    •  by  Keith

      I hadn’t realized how much it looks like my brush is touching Nancy’s paper!
      I think everyone was brought to their knees by the work that week. Just happened to catch you in the moment 🙂
      Thanks for commenting, Mary Beth. I love your Ruin 1 and Bruno pieces on your site.

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