Différance 03 – Vancouver Grey

Kroma Acrylics on Granville Island is our local hand-crafted paint maker, and every year they release a special Vancouver Grey:

“Each time we grind a different colour we rinse out the mill and save the pigment residue. Over the year this residue accumulates into a beautiful sludge made up of layers of different colours. When enough has accumulated to make a batch we put it through the mill again and blend it all together to make Vancouver Grey. If you looked at this grey through a microscope you would see all kinds of brightly coloured pigment particles.”

The master mixer’s signature and date on the label by special request.

The method and composition of Vancouver Grey has a nice parallel with the idea behind my Différance series, with the differences between elements contributing as much to the meaning as the elements themselves, with meaning being simultaneously created and deferred as potential.

Différance 03 – Vancouver Grey (2022)

80 x 80 cm

acrylic and polystyrene on panel

It is 2/3 the size of Différance 02, but both are made from the same number of pieces (about 1,600).

Flat grey Vancouver skies outside created a good opportunity to take some photos.

The grey shows ambient colour much more readily than the black of others in the series. See the warm rose tint on the bottom row from a piece of foam I was using to prop up the piece for photography.

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