First Look at the “Block Print 2016” Book

Flipping through the pages of the book of pieces from “BLOCK PRINT 2016”.

The book is a large 12 x 14 inches, hardcover, and printed by Photobook.

It will be available in our store if you’d like your own copy, or send me an e-mail.

Click through to see some stills.

4 Comments on “First Look at the “Block Print 2016” Book

  1.  by  Robin Campbell

    I’m lucky enough to have a Block Print 2016 book in my possession, sitting comfortably on the shelf amongst my esteemed art books. What a beautiful collection, jammed with evocative images, a tremendous layout (never crowded – enough empty space to allow each block print to shine), and a truly inspirational forward by the artist. I’m lucky enough to know the artist, too, and it’s been wonderful observing his work progress over the years through unmitigated passion, skill and talent, not to mention an intellectual exploration of the nebulous world of abstract art. The book truly reflects his dedication and growth.

    •  by  Keith

      Thanks for the great review, Rob! Very glad to think of my little book in your amazing collection.

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