Kaiju Book: Delivered!

A couple of weeks back I mentioned that I was putting together a book of my Kaiju work.

Delivery day finally arrived, and I don’t mind admitting that I was very excited.

Click through for pics of the un-boxing and a video peek inside the book.

Front cover.

Back cover.

It’s about 70 pages and, while it’s only a self-published photo-book, it looks great and I’m very happy with it.

3 Comments on “Kaiju Book: Delivered!

  1.  by  olivia

    wow! this looks amazing keith!! congratulations.
    it’s bold and kind of crazy – just like you! i mean that in a very good way.

    •  by  KeithAdmin

      Thanks very much for the kind comment, Olivia.
      I certainly hope that my work reflects my persona, at least a little!

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