Show at Kafka’s Closes

The 5th Anniversary group show at Kafka’s closed this week.
Perfect time to show some photos from the opening night party.

Blog-Kafka2015-03Aya’s sumi-e pieces.


Blog-Kafka2015-04This piece, Remnant 2, was sold during the show.

2 Comments on “Show at Kafka’s Closes

  1.  by  Robin Campbell

    Congratulations on the exhibit, Keith and Aya. It’s wonderful to see that you both have work in the same gallery (again), not something to take lightly. One day you’ll look back at the marvellous work you both created individually but with each other’s support and inspiration. Awesome. To me, this is an artist’s dream.

    And Keith, further congratulations on selling Remnant 2. Magnificent piece.

  2.  by  Keith

    Thank you very much, Robin. It was great for both of us to be able to hang our work with such esteemed company.

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