Texture 251

 tiny pebbles

Ink 232: Set of 5

coloured paint shapes

Texture 230

patterned silk

Ink 207: Set of 5

layered splatters and drips

Ink 198: Set of 3

large wet brush washes

Ink 188: Set of 3

layers of coloured brush strokes

Texture 171: Set of 3

set of 3: scraped, multicoloured grungy painted wall

Texture 060

modern coloured stripes

Texture 031

tiny, multi-coloured, fabric balls

Example 002

This example uses Ink 029. Two Photoshop layers of colour painted with a large airbrush. Brushstroke inks pasted into layer masks and inverted. Top layer set to Hard Light blend mode.

Example 001

Keith Ikeda-Barry combined line drawings with dynamic ink splatters, and specific areas of accent colours.

Tutorial 002

How to colourize inks using Photoshop.