I’ve been working with some shapes from a 2016 piece called The Concrete Content of Experience (about half-way down this page).

“The Concrete Content of Experience” (right), from my 2016 show.

I selected eight shape units and cut them from sheets of foam, then painted and assembled them. Each square is 3×3 cm (about 2.5″).

The interrelation and arrangement of elements draw the eye back and forth between similarities and differences, engaging the active mind.

Stacking the foam pieces lifts them out of the flat 2D plane, introducing depth as another dimension of engagement. Cast shadows begin to join, amend and alter the shapes while activating the environment as part of the personal experience.

(Click through for a couple more close-ups).

The materials presented unique challenges to effective communication. I’d like to keep pushing this exercise, but with a looser, less sharp-edged look. Hopefully I can find some materials and means in the days ahead.

6 Comments on “Elements

  1.  by  Georgina

    Great to see you are alive and well and still creating !
    Interesting exercise, it shares some references with Louise Nevelson’s work. Bringing the 2D into 3D!

    •  by  Keith

      Thanks, Georgina. Nevelson’s work looms large over any shape/shadow work.

  2.  by  Robin Campbell

    Fabulous work, Keith!

    Lovely curves and satisfying compositions – so playful. I love the added pleasure of witnessing the nuances of the texture and observing the added element of shadow in play. The starkness of the black and white contrast is equal to the impact of the three dimensions.


    – Rob

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