Ink 95: Set of 3

set of 3 scratched, damaged styrofoam plates

Texture 094: Set of 2

set of 2 light, busy rusty scratches on metal

Ink 078: Set of 3

scratched, wet white and black paint
set of 3

Ink 072

rough, scratched grungy ink

Texture 064: Set of 3

scratched, rusty black and yellow diagonal hazard lines
set of 3

Texture 056: Set of 2

rough, scratched, dark, grungy plaster
set of 2

Texture 054: Set of 5

stained, scuffed, rusted sheet metal
set of 5

Ink 049

black, rough, solid, scratched rectangle

Ink 047

long, looping, curvy, rough, dry, scratchy brush strokes

Ink 044

dark, cracked,scratched, rough ink imprint

Texture 036

cracked, broken, chipped, clear, dirty,scratched window glass

Ink 020

rough, dry, wide, scratchy brush-marks

Texture 020

rough, gritty, plaster wall

Texture 019

rusty, stained, scratched, grungy, metal, black and yellow caution stripes

Texture 008

grungy, red, green pock-marked concrete floor with circular scratches and worn-off paint

Texture 002

grey, scratched, scored, dirty, stained concrete