A sculptural painting that reads differently depending on which quality the viewer engages with (surface, colour, edge, line, absence, repetition, shadow, etc).

Continuing my explorations into elemental oppositions. Here is a system of signs with no inherent absolute meaning, but with structural differences that draw meaning from reciprocal determination with other elements. The spaces are necessary absences that vibrate between activity and passivity, animating the full function of the elements. Meaning is created and simultaneously deferred as the infinite potential that makes it necessary, as the unknowable excess beyond our grasp.

Différance (2021)

50 x 50 cm

acrylic and polystyrene on panel

The title is taken from Derrida’s neologism “Différance“.

2 Comments on “Différance

  1.  by  Robin

    Impressive work, Keith.

    I truly appreciate the organic rhythm, texture and tones created by your piece. From one angle it’s pitch black, from another it appears charcoal, and from another each facet shimmers a different tone, from black to grey to silver. Despite or because of its lack of colour, the shape excites the eye – the pleasing adventitious pattern of the blocks – I love how it sits upon itself. I could look at it all day…

    •  by  Keith

      It’s still amazing to me how effectively complexity increases, filling the absences of however many attributes I remove.

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